During your senior year of high school you need to:

  1. Work with a sense of urgency.  Have a plan and work the plan. It works if you work it!
  2. Make a commitment to earn the best grades that you possibly can during your senior year. Get a tutor for the subject that you need help in at the beginning of the school year.
  3. Make it your goal to apply for three to four scholarships per month. No amount is too little to apply for because college is expensive. Unlike public schools, you will have to buy your books and all required classroom supplies in college.
  4. Attend local college fairs in the fall and talk to college recruitment representatives.
  5. Narrow of list of schools down to 3-4 colleges by Thanksgiving break.
  6. Start collecting your letters of recommendations from your teachers and community leaders in the fall.    Last minute requests oftentimes go unfulfilled.
  7. Apply for FAFSA in January of your senior year. Next, check your e-mail account every week for correspondence from FAFSA or your prospective college  financial aid office. Your financial aid is not fully processed until you receive an awards letter from the college stating what they are willing to offer to you in the form of grants, scholarships and loans.
  8. Take the ACT or the SAT test in the fall of your senior year of high school if you did not take it during your junior year.  Do not be satisfied with an average test score.
  9. Do your research. Make sure that the college you want to attend offers your desired major. A great deal of your college success begins with finding the right fit (college) for you.
  10. Participate in a college tour if you have the financial resources to do so.
  11. Write three scholarship essays that you can tweak based on the scholarship’s criteria. Please have your essays proofed by your English teacher to check my essay for errors.
  12. Remove inappropriate pictures and comments from your social network accounts.
  13. Create a professional e-mail address  for communication with your college advisor.
  14. Decide which college you will be attending by March or spring break and submit your college application.
    If you are an athlete you will need to be certified by the NCAA Clearing House to play sports. See your counselor and head coach for more information regarding this process.

    Submit your freshman orientation and housing fees in March or April.



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